Peer-to-Peer Support

side view of depressed army man in military uniform with post-traumatic stress disorder holding his head
Group of military soldiers standing in line at boot camp

Something we hear time and time again from Service Members is they're reluctant to seek help because "how could anyone possibly understand". Veterans often feel they should "keep their problems to themselves" or "stay tough". But in doing this you don't realize just how many people around you feel the same way you do and have struggled with the same things as you are.

By using Peer-to-peer support we are able to provide Veterans with crucial supportive factors such as connectivity and hope! Peer-to-peer support promotes recovery and resilience, gives choice and voice in treatment and simultaneously challenges negative stereotypes for the family and friends of service members.

Peers are able to connect at a deeper and more personal level, often having been through the same or similar experiences and come out the other side. They are able to help remind you to take a breath, wait a moment, they acknowledge that what you feel is valid and provide hope in knowing it will get better with help and support.

It is critical to realize that you are NOT ALONE where you are -this app facilitates a continued connection with your team and support group, so you are always one touch away from having the support you need from those who are closest to you.

Reach out today! We are here to help.