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Manage your emotional stress through peer-to-peer support, connectivity and wellness tools.

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The QActual app was developed in response to research that outlines the importance of peer-to-peer support in those who have suicidal thoughts.

Peer-to-peer support provides individuals in crisis a network of individuals that closely know and understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed.

QActual is a complete peer-to-peer support structure designed to connect peers anywhere in the world at any time to provide aid when you need it or when someone needs you.

This app is specifically designed using proven tactics and techniques from research combined with the latest technologies.

Check Out Our QActual Themes

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QActual -
For All

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Operation Pop Smoke - For Veterans

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WeCare Empowered - For Healthcare

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Code Response - For First Responders


Build Your Team

Invite your family and peers to join your team and strengthen your support network.


Stay Connected

Your location is sent to your team when you send a signal that you need help.

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Get Support

Members of your team are on their way to help!

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